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My name is Hunter and I’m an 18 year old student from DC. After months and months of GI health issues, a Crohn’s diagnosis, and a host of prescriptions in late 2016, I started the Specific Carbohydrate or Paleo Diet and have never been healthier. I literally would not be able to live without this diet , although I have noticed how tedious it can become. I started this blog in the hope that I could publicize the many benefits of clean eating and create a community of those that value a clean diet. After getting rave reviews on some of my creations by non-paleo dieters, I realized that other individuals may benefit from my creativity and passion for clean eating. I’ve started to craft recipes and search out foods that are allowed on this diet so that taste and flavor do not have to be compromised for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to publicizing clean eats on this blog, I will also do restaurant reviews, product reviews, and things that I’m enjoying in my life.

When I’m not blogging I’m a full time student, Netflix binger, history enthusiast, and corgi lover.

Welcome to Hunt for a Clean Life! Let’s live our best one.
Instagram: @huntforacleanlife